Part 4: Voyager Advanced RoboTarget at Runtime

The next blog post about Voyager Advanced is up. This one looks at the runtime part of Voyager Advanced - taking shots.

Part 4: Voyager RoboTarget at Runtime

If you are already using Voyager and understand the concept of automated scheduling, the Part 3 and Part 4 blog posts will give you a pretty thorough understanding of RoboTarget. Part 3 is about setting up your targets, Part 4 is about running them.


Note: I have joined the Voyager team in an outreach role. These blog posts are based on pre-beta software and subject to change, but any changes are expected to be small as beta is focused on making sure eveything is solid. Which in my experience so far, it is!


As usual, very clear and very impressive.

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Thanks so much Fredd!