Pegasus Unity and Viking

If you use Viking alongside a Pegasus box with their Unity drivers, do not upgrade to version 1.6.571.12. This stops Viking recognising the Pegasus box despite it being on, present and recognisable by both Unity and ASCOM. Versions and still work fine.
Pegasus are apparently aware and say there will be a fix by Tuesday.


Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.


Viking not only check the serial of your identity device but also try to get one time the data info before declare the device connected. PegasusAstro have introduced a bug in the internal web server that give a 500 http error result to Viking.

I hope they will fix soon.

Happy to say we have reached an agreement to collaborate directly, they give to me a sample of all the devices they have on the market for unit implementation. This at IAS 2022 show where I meet Evans. I hope this will close all troubles.

All the best
Leonardo Orazi


Where can I download version ?

Disregard, I found it.

I just downloaded the latest version of Unity released yesterday and Pegasus is back recognisable by Viking once again :grin:.