PHD2 vs TheSkyX for guiding with Voyager

I was wondering if anybody has tried both and found one or the other to be superior WITH Voyager. I know RoboGuide integrates really well with PHD2. Is the integration with TheSkyX guiding just as good or perhaps even better. For example, with PHD2, RoboGuide helps pick the guide star used.

I am currently using PHD2, but if integration and guiding is as good or better with TheSkyX, that is more program I can eliminate.

RoboGuide doesn’t depends on the guide control you choose in Voyager … RoboGuide work in anycase with all controls. For TSX RoboGuide is necessary because TSX doesn’t offer star selection from remote application.

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Leo, my understanding of RoboGuide is that it is primarily a star selection system for the external auto guider. Does it have other AI functionality that affects guiding?

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Hello Glenn,

RoboGuide is used just to choice guide star instead of native star selection, i tried AI on timing for guiding but results is not sense.

TSX doesn’t have guide star selection like external command, so you need RoboGuide for automation.

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On a Paramount it makes a difference, for instance using TheSkyX guider calibration takes less than 5s with Voyager, with PHD it takes more time to calibrate. Dithering is also faster with TheSkyX and Voyager (there is an option to increase aggressiveness to recenter the star after dithering).



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Thanks Jose. That sounds like some good reasons for me to try this and to figure it out. If I recall, there is one sort-of-magic number in their guiding that is somewhat equivalent to the calibration step-size in PHD2. Time to look for a way to calculate what that should be.

This should help you.