Planet and Moon ephemeris update

I’d like to request that planets and moons be added to the RoboOrbits library. I tried searching for Uranus and it was obviously not included in either asteroids or comet list. It would be nice to have a planet/moon list as well.

It would also be helpful to be able to select between use ephemeris for the “day” (which is what I think it does now?) OR have it of the “moment” so that if it is a fast moving asteroid, it can keep up every hour or so.

Right now I am using RoboClip for Uranus, but that only works for two days at a time and I have to remember to update the coordinates by having it connect to SkyX - not ideal!

If I am missing something that is already there, please tell me ! Thank you!

Tim … moon and planets are not calculated in RoboOrbits for choice and will be not there in the future.

Comets and Asteorids and NEO are calculated in realtime before the goto and with 3 different way related to the sequence and with proper motion for mount. This feature is called Dynamic Target.