Plate solve and sync question

I own a Paramount MyT and reading the documentation on dragscript and looking at the settings under setup, mount I see where it says Not Sync Mount on solved point (Pointing Model Running).
My question is do I need to do a platesolve and sync since I am running a fairly large T-Point model. Also what does the Sync option do for curiosity sake?

Hi George,

if you have model you must have this flag on to remove the sync or you risk to ruin the model. Some mount have the possibility to add point in sync like refine but i dont know your mount.

What do sync in case of model usually ruin the model , in some driver add a refine point but can unbalance the model … depends on how is written the model engine.

All the best

I used The SkyX/TPoint for everything model related with my MX and ensured that whatever software I was using had Sync to mount turned off - once you have a model then you need to protect it.


Perfect, happy for you. Not all software are perfect and someone need to be protect from third parts integration. Voyager it’s a software integrator so doesn’t trust anyone of the software integrated to be ensure to not lower protection level.

It’s not that Voyager has an issue with Paramount mount models, more that it’s impossible to do outside of TheSkyX. TPoint generates a model and manages the mount corrections completely from within TheSkyX; once that model is generated that’s it. The only other option (as far as I can remember) are Recals which also have to use TPoint - the only thing you can do outside of that is a sync but then that will invalidate the model. This contrasts with, for instance, a 10micron where the modelling software is ‘mount side’ and host computer software (such as Voyager) can generate the modelling points if driver options are set.

Sorry wasn’t implying that there was a deficiency in Voyager :slight_smile:


If you use theskyx like mount in voyager , theskyx will point for you. If you have tpoinr model coords will be adjusted by theskyx. This work for the latest years