Plate solve existing image and apply to new or existing sequence?

Question about creating a new sequence with a target that I have already imaged. I want to be able to load up a image from a pre-existing image or perhaps an image a friend sends me over email. I then plate solve that image to get its details and then send those details to a new sequence I want to run for the night.

I can do the first part no problem. But I see no way to transfer that information (except to copy paste) to a existing or new sequence. Please see this short video where I show you what I mean.

[video removed from admin]

Is there a way I am not aware of to do what I am trying to do or am I required to copy and paste the coordinates?

Thank you.

Dear mpfjr, if you close the sequence windows nothing will be lost, just copy reopen the sequence windows and all will be exactly on the same situation and paste.

Voyager doesn’t paste directly what is on the plate solve data, not safe.

All the best