Platesolve and Rotator

Hi all !

This night I used for the first time a rotator (Pegasus Falcon), connected via Ascom.
I use advanced version.
After the first plate solve, the rotator rotated but Voyager was taking pictures for continuing platesolving … Finally the platesolve failed …

How can I configure Voyager to wait the rotator before taking pictures for platesolving ?


Voyager always wait a rotator if present before starting an operation and there aren’t any setting to setup.
I must say you that the Falcon is used by so many users in Voyager.

So solution is to contact the rotator brand support about to understand if you have all installed correctly in terms of firmware, driver, ascom platform.

Some link about Voyager documentation on Rotator:

How to use the rotator in the Sequence:

If you need more info I suggest to use the support: