Platesolve offsets and sequence

I have a 10Micron Mount and don’t platesolve and it works great. However, I have a rotator and when it rotates 90 degrees, the centre of the picture shifts because of tilt tip. In those case, platesolving makes sense to centre everything.
My question : the offset that is created when platesolving is that kept from one sequence to the next or cancelled for the next sequence? In my case, I would prefer if it is not kept so that I don’t have to platesolve those sequences with no rotation (the offset created earlier should not apply) if they are done after a sequence with platesolving (because of rotator).

Thank you

If you use a platesolving in a sequence , Voyager will try to center your object inside the max error allowed by your settings. This is true using offset or not. Error/offset are not stored for sure and this will not have sense because it is calculated at each solving.

My scenario was
Sequence 1 : platesolving enabled. Offset created to point
Sequence 2 : Platesolved disabed. When doing pointing without platesolve, I understand from your response that offset from Sequence 1 is not applied - no offset applied.
That would be perfect.
Thank you

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Not too sure how the 10u handles syncs but I think you would need to disable syncs in your scenario to avoid the offset from Sequence one not carrying over to a sequence 2 by virtue of the sync.

Yes, I disabled sync in Voyager.

I have done the same with my paramount, too much time invested in a big mount model for it to be polluted by a sync.

That being the case Sequence 1 pointing accuracy would be dictated by the plate solve parameters. Sequence 2 would be dictated by the pointing accuracy of your 10u and any associated mount modelling.

Thanks. That is exactly what I’m looking for. I have a tilt tip adapter because I’m using AS6200. When rotation is aligned with rotation used to build the model, pointing is perfect (no plate solved needed). If I rate 90 degrees, pointing is off by a few minutes and plate solving is needed. This is driven bu the change in optical angle from the tilt tip plate.

Using offset for pointing there isn’t any sync for your info !!

Usually users with your mounts use offset and always the plate solving