Pleiades from London - 2x2 mosaic - LRGB

Voyager Array does the 7 sisters…
Not anywhere near the dust captured by Christian from the Arabian desert but a good go at this one in any case.

Details here: M45 - LRGB - 2x2 mosaic

This time added the L from the larger telescope (and smaller FoV) to the synthetic L extracted from the OSC mosaic (with larger FoV) and processed thereon as LRGB.


Check the link for full resolution at 9K x 7K pixels.


This is a fantastic image, Roberto. Your photos have such a natural look. Nothing—the stretch, color, or contrast—is overhyped, and the color balance is perfect. Nice, sharp details, too. Well done.




Thank you! You are too kind :+1:
I cannot stretch the image more as it’s noisy (only 8hrs of L)…not for lack of wanting! :joy: I had very good results in terms of colour balancing using Photometric Color Calibration in PixInsight, twice: before and after stretching the image. It’s not always like this, sometimes the images come out very green after applying PCC but in this case, it removed the green and gave a nice blue for the nebula.


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