Problem entering Camera Pixels in Setup

I started using Voyager a month ago and this is my first post.

I wonder if there is a way to enable the data fields for camera pixels (Height/width)


Hello Uri, you must define only the pixel size of camera, dimension of camera will be retrieved automatically at first connection.

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is there anyway you can allow manual entry - its kind of crazy having to connect a camera every time I want to create a new profile - would be easier to just allow the user to simply enter the H x W size of the sensor here vs collecting from the camera by having to actually attach it!

Can’t you use an existing profile and save it under another name ?

still means I have to connect a camera at some point just to fill in some basic details of a sensor - just allow manual entry I don’t see the benefit of having it pulled from the camera - I know the sensor size pixel size and other technicals of the camera - I can change everything else like gain offset etc - every other package you just enter it manually vs having to actually go connect something!

Hello Simon, in VOYAGER size of camera sensor will be retrieved automatically at first connection. I’m sorry you think “its kind of crazy” but it makes a lot of sense to us for various reasons.

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well I just spent a frustrating hour trying to get the ASI v2 driver working on my 294MM and 174MM guide cam connected via the hub - choosing the 174mm chooses a array size of 8K x 5k (the 294mm size) and the 294mm camera selection chooses 1.9K x 1.2K the 174mm size. sorry makes no sense at all

Sorry Simon, usually 294MM users run it at first try (I forget to say I have one). Guide camera is not managed directly by Voyager.
Probably you have some problem with main camera.
If you need support please use the right way, we do not offer support by forum.

Sorry again if not make sense but like we have said make a lot of sense for us.
Also if camera not work why you need to know the size of the chip ?? You want to use the profile without never use the camera ?

I think the issue is the 174mm is plugged in to the Eagle and ASI v2 sees it as an ASI camera - then gets confused - the 174mm has the sensor size of the 294 and the 294 has the sensor size of 174!

it may be best to not have 174mm plugged in - but being able to populate a camera settings without having to connect it means I can populate the profiles without having to keep changing cameras around when building profiles

of course I may well go onto use it -but for some cameras I cannot just plug in - I need power too and then its more cables and having to connect gear vs just filling in some boxes for the sensor size

I will retest the 294mm tomorrow without the 174 connected and see what it does

thanks Leo



anyway - for me

Your setup is really common between Voyager users.

So I dont think the ASI driver make a mistake. Be sure to have selected the right ASCOM driver for the guide camera. For Voyager ASI direct camera, the driver work by ID/Name so cannot make mistake.
Ask for a remote session to check settings, we will happy to help you.

You can create how many profile you want without problem of sensor size, not constraints on it.

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