Problems with focuser of Meade LX200 14"

Goodmorning everyone. I purchased Voyager and the problems begin. One of these is the focuser of the Meade 14 "GPS which with Ascom drivers does not allow me absolute movement and therefore I cannot autofocus with Voyager. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Nello Ruocco
Osservatorio Astronomico Nastro Verde di Sorrento MPC code C82

Buongiorno Nello e benvenuto. Per ricevere assistenza personalizzata (per mia esperienza veloce e molto efficace), è meglio contattare direttamente Leonardo utilizzando la mail che ha ricevuto durante la procedura d’acquisto della licenza: il forum non è lo strumento migliore per tale scopo.

Good morning Nello and welcome. To receive personalized assistance (in my experience fast and very effective), it is better to contact Leonardo directly using the email he received during the license purchase procedure: the forum is not the best tool for this purpose.

Cari saluti


Dear Nello if you need support please refer to the mail address in your voyager official license mail.
RoboFire doesn’t allow relative focuser for choice and usually this kind of focuser are really old. You can use the others autofocus system avalaible in Voyager like FocusMax that manage this kind of focuser. Version 3.x of FocusMax was free … or you can try to use a POTH between your driver and Voyager if this driver can be an intermediary from absolute to relative mode (not sure working).

All the best

Thank you.
Using POTH not work in absolute mode.
I write on mail address that find in software