Question about Astronomical Night calculation

Hi, does the Astronomical Night calculation take account of the Moons position? I shoot OSC data so don’t have the advantages of narrowband with regards to moon light.
I used to use AstroPhotoTool a lot and it has a Deep Sky Clock function that does this but its not able to be included in a script as you can in DragScript so it is not useful for automation, but does give start on stop times for astronomical darkness rather than astronomical night.

I hope this makes sense - and maybe I should have put it in the Feature Request section.



Welcome Duncan,

Voyager have a DragScript Block called Wait Astronomical Night. This Block doesn’t calculate moon phas or position. I’ll add block Wait for Astronomical Darkness.

Thanks for your request.

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Thanks Leo, that would be excellent. I am just getting the hang of Voyager and hope to post an image soon.


I am also very interrested in a new block Wait for astronomical darkness.

Voyager is wonderful.


A great idea and a feature I was thinking about requesting myself. Can I add another if it is not horribly difficult?

As well as a “Wait for astronomical darkness” is it possible to have a similar end condition, such as in the sequence setup where it would be good to have “exit sequence on end of astronomical dark” and similar in the dragscript sequence call such as “start immediately and finish with astronomical night” The only other place I can see would be the block section where “Repeat block until end astronomical dark” would be useful.

If we can use astronomical dark as both a start and end condition it will help OSC users both sides of the full moon. Previously I have worked it out myself and set an absolute start or finish time, or just set it capturing and discarded the moonlight effected subs.

@cedricthomas Welcome.

@blu what you asked is already available in DragScript Sequence Block and Repeat Block.

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I’m all for adding a new block, but only if the old block is still available (which I think it will be). I used the existing block frequently and DON’T want to take the Moon into account with my usage.

Hi Leonardo, rather than the existing condition which I understand to be related to sunrise/sunset only I was meaning similar to what Duncan is asking, which would be a wait block that takes the moon into account and end conditions that do the same.

I have been using absolute start or end times to achieve the result but obviously you need to change the times day by day. It would be very handy to have that automated. As Madratter wrote, the original blocks are still required given that people with narrowband filters can often image at full moon.

Some facilities will be reserved for Advanced version.

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Do you have an expected upgrade cost to the advanced version from standard? A few features that you have hinted at are appealing to me so I will have to consider it when it is released, particularly if ones like this are likely to be in advanced.

I dont have cost at now, sorry Blue.

All the best