Question about Astronomical Night calculation

Hi, does the Astronomical Night calculation take account of the Moons position? I shoot OSC data so don’t have the advantages of narrowband with regards to moon light.
I used to use AstroPhotoTool a lot and it has a Deep Sky Clock function that does this but its not able to be included in a script as you can in DragScript so it is not useful for automation, but does give start on stop times for astronomical darkness rather than astronomical night.

I hope this makes sense - and maybe I should have put it in the Feature Request section.



Welcome Duncan,

Voyager have a DragScript Block called Wait Astronomical Night. This Block doesn’t calculate moon phas or position. I’ll add block Wait for Astronomical Darkness.

Thanks for your request.

All the best

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Thanks Leo, that would be excellent. I am just getting the hang of Voyager and hope to post an image soon.