Release 2.2.14 WebDashboard glitch

Using Web Dashboard and using shortcuts on left side. If I click on Virtual FOV it does not automatically scroll to that selection. All other selections, autoguiding, environment, etc work perfectly. I can use the mouse wheel to scroll to Virtual FOV. Let me be clear all operations in Virtual FOV work fine. It might be my computer, can anyone else confirm this.

Yes I can confirm that when clicking on the shortcut link on the left side and selecting virtual FOV, nothing happens.

I also have an issue with connecting to the web dashboard. If I try connecting within localhost nothing happens. If I connect using a separate computer on my Lan I can connect without issue.


When using my iPad , I cannot connect to the local host with safari but I can connect using Firefox

My issue connecting via localhost ended up being nothing about voyager but the browser needed to be refreshed. Old cache info was still in the browser. Try refreshing the page to see if that helps.