Request: Offline Sequence Creation

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I am evaluating Voyager - a lot of very nice features! I do all night unattended imaging with multiple targets and an AAG Cloudwatcher to suspend and resume imaging based on weather. Voyager looks like it may be a very good solution for this.

I noticed that I cannot create a sequence unless my equipment is connected. I like to create my sequences during the day when my equipment is not yet set up, so I can just connect up and run at night.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, and if not, please consider allowing sequence creation based on the active profile, without requiring all the equipment to be connected.

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Thanks Rowland, you can create a simulation profile with only camera and mount (and planetarium if you need). If you use camera with filters you create a simulation filters wheel with the same sequence of real camera. Save profile and connect it where you want and when you wanto to create all you sequence. You can copy and paste profile in all your PC where Voyager is installed. You can also copy the sequence file and put in the final PC. Sequence and profile are on the Voyager directories under Windows documents and setting folder.

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Thanks Leonardo, that works to let me edit sequences.

I hope at some point in the future you can support sequence editing without a connected profile.


This is not possible sequence need data from profile.
Thanks for your time.

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Hi Leo

further to this,

would it be possible in the future to save sequence files and profile files in a textural format (xml, json) rather than saving them as serialized objects? When editing or creating sequences; they could obtain the data needed from the text based profile file.

It would also be great if dragscripts could also be saved/edited in a text format


Hello Nick,

Voyager Advanced will have this features.

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