Resuming after a Suspend?

I’m wondering what happens after a Suspend operation in the middle of a sequence (like say for clouds). When there’s a Resume in a couple hours, how can you ensure the target is still centered? Do you need to program a Precise Goto of the Target? Or is that automatic?

Or if the target passes the Meridian during the Suspend time? Do you need to program a pier flip?

Thanks again!


Is completly automatic … you need just to manage suspend and resume event.

In suspend manage mount to stop tracking or park, close the roof if you need and do something else (you are free to put what you want).

In resume default is to restart from the suspend block. If the block is a sequence restart from begin, in this case the best is to manage in the sequence the minimum altitude and the flag pointing target at start.

If your script manage all night just resume to imaging block with “resume from node” block, will be your script to decide which target to execute.

You can try to do using the help about events, then we can look togheter and fix all.

All the best