ROBOFIRE Suggestions for M13 and Optec-Leo Focuser


I’m using an Optec-Leo focuser that has 112,000 steps and a C11 Edge. I am imaging M13. From what I’ve read I believe that I should be using LocalField for a star cluster instead of VCurve?

Will the VCurve first light wizard figure out a good step size for the focus run or do I need to add that?

The reason I’m asking is because last time out I got numerous focus failures even though it worked fine the previous night?

Hello Tony,

For your info Vcurve is the method to caratherize your optic and focuser system, Voyager do the focus in two way or on single star (RoboStar) or on all the field stars (LocalField).

Target not change which kind of focus to use, so M13 or not is the same. Probably for you telescope is better to use focus on sigle star if in your field you have only the core of M13 and not anyelse stars. Generally for long focal lenght better to use single star.

All the best

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Hello, I also bought a LEO Focuser for my C11 that week. I can’t handle the focus settings in voyager. Unfortunately, they are not as easy to use as in the ZWO ASIAIR. How are your experiences with it so far? Greetings from Enrico

Enrico, we suggest to use the official support to solve your problem with a remote session under the sky.
Depends on your camera/resolution, probably your flux value and magnitude interval must be adjusted.

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