Robofocus question

When you do Robofocus in Voyager mode, it selects a focus star that is (often, always?) in another location, slews to it, focuses, and slews back to the target.

The question is the definition of “target”. My SOP is to use platesolving to GOTO a target. Then I tweak the position to frame things up as I want. And start the sequence.

I presume Voyager still thinks my target is the original one. So how do I get it to understand the latest position is the desired target?

Please assume I am both ignorant and stupid. Explanations need to use the words I see on the Voyager screen, instead of common words that “obviously” correspond to them.

Not having to use a script would be helpful (haven’t tried those yet, only “on the fly”).

I’ve been using local field focus to avoid the issue, it would be nice to know how to deal with it.

Hi Bob,

The definition of “Target” in Voyager depends on what you are doing.
If you are using the OnTheFly tab, the Target is the coordinates shown near the top:

If you want to follow your “SOP,” then enter your approximate target coordinates here and click Goto.
Do your tweaking until you are happy with framing.

Then click either Plate Solve Actual Coordinates or Blind Solve Actual Coordinates to get the RA and DEC where you ended up after your tweaks:

Now you have the coordinates for your target.

You can use them in a Sequence or a Camera Shot, depending on how you prefer to gather data.

I could say more but let me stop here and see if that helps and if you have other questions. My SOP is to frame my target in a planetarium program and then set up my sequences is Voyager using those coordinates. That way Voyager uses plate solving to center my target according to my framing determined before I even started Voyager. I like doing it that way because I don’t spend dark hours doing framing, but there are many ways to do things as you know!


Thanks. Exactly what I needed.