SBIG direct support in Voyager .. SBIG users please read

Dear SBIG users,

we are working on SBIG direct support on Voyager in collaboration with a skilled developer on this kind of task, great astrophotographers and deep knower of SBIG SDK that already developed this for his tools since years.

We are searching for SBIG dual sensor camera to use for the test and to give back at finish. Some of you can borrow to us one camera (we will pay for this). Or have one to sell ?

Write to us in PM.



I have the old STL11000 dual sensor.

Awesome news. I am sure SBIG camera owners will be thrilled once support directly in Voyager is available. :slight_smile:

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Thank you , i’ll contact you in PM

Hi Leonardo
I have a ST7 serial.

Nello Ruocco

Thank you Nello
PM to you

Wow. That is really awesome news. I use TheSkyX so my STF-8300m is supported through that. But direct support would be nice for those who don’t have TheSkyX. And depending on the implementation potentially for those of us who do.



We have the first Beta of Sbig Library to use, please help us on find a Sbig Camera with dual sensor.

All the best

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Not sure where this is at the moment, but I could help beta test this. I have a SBIG STF-8300m with an 8 position filter wheel. I can’t ship it, (it is what I use all the time), and it doesn’t have dual sensors, but I can help test.

Hello Madratter,

a friend of Voyager send to me a STL11000M dual sensor … so now that i finished the QHY driver i can start the SBIG one.

Thank you so much, i will ask you some beta test about.

All the best