"Second light" with Array - Sh2-129 and OU4 - G4 and ASI2600 data

“Second light” with the tandem setup and the ASI2600MC Pro.

Sh2-129 with Voyager Array

RGB data is only 4hrs; no luminance as the Moon was bright. Ha is 5hrs and OIII is 14.5hrs from 2017 (see here: https://www.astrobin.com/317335/F/).
See the field of view of the “smaller” G4 in black and white for the Ha: https://www.astrobin.com/full/b27glg/0/

Pretty pleased with the performance of the ASI2600 for colour. Tilt and flats are not entirely right yet.

Voyager Array worked without a hitch! :sunglasses:




It’s a beautiful image!

I saw you use two scopes with very different focal lengths.
Do you use a smaller pixel size camera for your Stowaway to match the image scale?


Thank you Donghun :+1:

Yes, that’s the objective. Slightly lower resolution at the focal length of the smaller scope for colour data.


Ok that makes sense.

Thank you Roberto