Sequence status, time remaining

The sequence status widget shows the remaining time based on a calculation using the sequence elements (exposure times x number of images).
But if the “end sequence if target is below an altitude” is checked, the sequence may end before the number of exposures is reached. Can we have the time remaining in the widget take the lessor of the two numbers.
This may be difficult to calculate so instead of using altitude we could use hour angle which would make the calculation very easy. Maybe when the altitude is entered the software calculates the hour angle and adds it next to this field. That would make it easier for the software to calculate the time remaining.
I would like to see both altitude and hour angle for the end (and starting) condition since I can see application for both. Ending on altitude is a great feature so we would not want that removed. But having hour angle would also be a big help.
In any case, the sequence time remaining should use the lessor of exposure times and any ending conditions.


Hi Craig,

the HA like constraint is already an active request. I add also the calculation of remaining time for altitude and HA when this feature will be done.

All the best

Excellent, thank you Leo.