Sequences with different profiles within dragscript

I was hoping to try to test this for myself but the weather has been terrible. Alternately I am trying to work out a way to test with simulators.

If I created two sequences with different equipment profiles (with the same equipment being shared between the two profiles, the difference being in the focus settings) and if I called them one after the other in a dragscript, would I run in to errors or would the two sequences simply “Bring” their different focus settings with them?

Having recently found that my OSC camera responds quite well to NB filters in front of the bayer matrix, I am collecting equipment to take advantage of it (Filter wheel and filters) which I will eventually use with a mono camera.

Due to the bayer matrix I found I needed some unusual focus settings to get it to focus with a HA filter. It seems to be related to the “Holes” in the pixel brightness values due to the green and blue pixels not responding very well to HA, which affected the HFR readings. If sequences with different focus settings “Bring” their focus settings with them when called by a dragscript it would simplify shooting OSC and NB on the same night. If it would just result in errors I can either sit up and load the new profile when I want to change from OSC to NB, or just shoot only one data type in a night. Either way I am keen to use a filter wheel as tearing down the imaging train to add or remove filters would get old very quickly.

I understand that I am trying to do something unusual so if the response is “You want to do WHAT?” I don’t have a problem with that.

To reiterate the question, if I open Voyager, connect equipment then call up sequences created with differences in the profiles, are the profile differences applied to the relevant sequneces or will I get errors, or will Voyager operate with the loaded profile when the gear was connected?

I have answered my own question with simulators. When loading a sequence with a different profile to the active one and selecting to have it use it’s original profile, focus settings from the original profile are not among those that are applied, at least not the exposure settings. I assume all the rest of the focus settings from the “Active” profile will apply rather than from the different profile in the sequence. A pity for what I am doing but not a great problem.

While I much prefer V curve focusing, I will try localfield with extended focus times and see if that will focus through the NB filter successfully as that would sidestep the issue. To gather both OSC and NB data on a single night would mean either using localfield exclusively (With appropriate exposure times per filter) or two sequences called by a dragscript, one for OSC using V curve for focus and the other using localfield focusing for NB withg longer exposure times.

Tomorrow night is predicted to be clear with the full moon, a good time to test.

Can you focus without the filter and then use a filter offset?

Not readily at the moment, the filter is threaded into a holder in the image train. I could potentially do that once I fit a filter wheel, but it would lead to the same issue of needing a different profile, given filter by filter offsets is not in Leonardo’s roadmap (Which I am fine with) as his concept is to focus through the filter you are using, for best accuracy.

The next clear night I get I am going to try localfield focusing through the HA filter, if that works then all I need to do when I have a filter wheel in place is to use a dragscript to call separate sequences for OSC and then NB imaging so I can use V curve for OSC and localfield for NB shooting. Even then that is only if I really want to shoot both data types in one night. If it will focus successfully with a 30 second exposure through HA it would take about 5 minutes to do a focus run (I only have the HA filter for now) I don’t consider that excessive, having seen friends who focus manually take a lot longer than that to nail it.

I think the user manual suggests applying the offset in the filter wheel ascom driver.

If you are using dragscript, you could also potentially invoke the focus in the dragscript rather than in the sequence and do the offset in the dragscript…something like this:


I tried offsets in a filter wheel simulator, but the focuser did not move as a result of changing filters. I am not sure if that is because the simulator did not support it properly. Until I have a live filter wheel in my hands I would not be able to test that any further.