Setting up a ZWO filter wheel

Hi all, I’m sure there’s a very simple answer to this, but I’m having trouble finding it.

I’m setting up my gear after rebuilding my computer, and I can’t find the ZWO ASCOM filter wheel in the ASCOM chooser. When I choose ASCOM Filter wheel and click the ASCOM button to the right, I can’t see any ZWO driver.

For the camera I’m using the ASI Camera V2 driver (which I think came in the ZWO camera driver setup I downloaded today).

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any suggestions!

There is also a ZWO ASCOM driver that you need to install, which from memory is an all in one, you can use the camera, filter wheel, focus motor etc with the ASCOM driver, but you will want to use the native V2 driver for the camera instead of the ASCOM driver, and ASCOM for the filter wheel.

Once you have it connected, don’t bother to set up the filters in the ASCOM driver, edit the Voyager filter setup with the edit button below the filter information section on the left of the screenshot you have posted.

G’day Blue, Bill here - thanks for your help!

I found the problem - I had downloaded the diver off a site called Download Center | ZWO, rather than Software – ZWO Download Center, and as a consequence ended up with v3.21 rather than v6.5.6

Once I installed v6.5.6 it all went seamlessly, and I think Voyager is ready to go.

I’ve no idea if zwoastro has anything to do with ZWO or not. I find its existence rather irritating.

Actually yes, I found that site just now too, I wonder if ZWO are in the process of moving websites, make much more sense as a URL than

Either way, good to see you are sorted.