Sh2-224 in Auriga from London

Hello All

I took this one over the last month or so. Beautiful supernova remnant in Auriga. The Ha channel is easy enough to get but after 11+ hours of OIII, it barely shows in the outer shell. Calibrated RGB stars add a nice - Christmas-like - colours to the overall picture.
Auguri to the Voyager Team!


Sh2-224 - (RHa)G(BOIII) See link for high-res picture.


Very nicely done, Roberto. Your processing looks perfect to my eye. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll have to add this one to my list.

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Thank you Glenn. It’s nicely positioned now, go for it!

Congrats Roberto, wonderful image of an incredible target. Color and details really amazing.
Thanks for the “Auguri”… we will send to all you our best wishes with a new Daily Build and some good news … i hope today or at least tomorrow.

All the best

Thank you Roberto, we return your wishes!
About the picture, it’s a wonderful target, love it, particularly the smooth colors transitions.
As Leo says, good news about Voyager are coming very soon.


Thank you Leo and Francesco. Happy Christmas.

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Merry Christmas everyone! Happy imaging With Voyager in 2020