Sh2-64 in Serpens

Sh2-64 in Serpens
Takahashi FSQ-106EDXIII - F5
Moravian G4-16000 Mark II
Astrodon E Series Gen II LRGB 50mm Squared Filters
L:R:G:B => 540:90:90:90
Fully Automated with Voyager Astrophotography Automation


This image is outstanding. I have no other words.

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Beautiful field Leo, great choice for the Tak!
These dusty regions are my favorites.
I’m always interested in how people choose a target - what brought this to your attention?
Congrats on a fine image.

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Absolutely stunning Leo - all that dust and it looks like someone’s cigar smoke has wafted across the field.

They must have been pristeen skies to capture that.


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@Rowland_Archer … 11 years I started photographing these dusty subjects with many problems (the pioneer was Thomas Davies) … this is a stroke of luck. He “accidentally” found it on a July night by aiming the SH2-64 in a blind way

@RobertM … 1100 km were covered for this image … the sky had an SQM-L between 20.36 and 21.01

Thank you

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Great shot - so much going on! Love the red nebula in the centre :sunglasses: Glad you are imaging Leo! :+1:


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Great image Leo, Looks like this will be on my list to do like many other.


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Thanks to all for your words !
Really appreciated. Some break into imaging is the right way to have nice time.

All the best