Some boost to DragScript Observatory Management

Originally thinked for the Advanced version will be available to all versions of Voyager.
New block for Wait Safe (usable also for with no have event management just removing flag on check) with advanced features that allow to run forever script waiting for all the nights.

Added also single separated enable/disable events and possibilities to include/exclude LIGHT conditions from emergency status calculation.

Now in testing under the sky after a long tests on simulator … soon on the next daily build.


Really hard work.

All the best


Another welcome addition, Leo. Thank you. This will undoubtedly be useful when I set up my NexDome observatory, which arrives tomorrow.

Will you be posting an example of how this function can be used?

Thanks for all of your hard work.


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Thanks Glenn,

i will add a dedicated place in the wiki with detailed explanation.
This block is really powerful so need explanation and examples.

All the best

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Even more proof (if we needed it) that voyager is quickly becoming the choice of program to manage your Astrophotography reliably.
Full marks to Leonardo on development of these new features.


Thank you so much Martin.
These features give me a big headache during development.

All the best

Many thanks for this new addition Leo this will come in very handy for me and some of my customers


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you are welcome Dave