Suggestion: Use a separate interface for Robotarget Base Sequence


Robotarget Manager use regular sequence files to configure many acquisition parameters like guiding, focusing plate-solving and I can see the advantage here of recycling dialog box and file format. But many aspect of the regular sequence does not apply to base sequence in Robotarget Manager like the sequence itself, Constraints, On error and On end and maybe other we have yet to discover. This can cause confusion and unexpected behavior. I can see the advantages of having many base sequences under the same profil and the usefulness of have the same base sequence in more than one profil.

I suggest the introduction, within Robotarget Manager itself, of a new dialog box that shows only parameters that are pertinent to the Robotarget. It coul be accessible directly from the Robotarget Manager.

This new dialog box could be use to import parameters from existing sequence files and keep only those relevant to Robotarget.

Clear Skies


A tickbox when a sequence is created or edited confirming it as a base sequence for advanced which then ‘turned off’ all non relevant sections would help. Could be on an Advanced tab not visible in Base Version.