Suggestions on Manual filter handling?


I am putting together a new system based on a RASA 11. I plan to use Baader UFC to manage filters, however, the process is manual. I plan to use a single filter per imaging session.

Setting the filter data and propagating it across file names, directories and fits metadata is very convenient (not essential or a showstopper). Any suggestions on how to achieve this? I am looking into ASCOM to see if there is such a thing as a filterwheel simulator, so I can artificially instruct Voyager what filter I am using during the image session.

Any suggestion is welcome!



Hello Jose,

you can use filter wheel simulator on ASCOM , other users with manual filter use this escamotage.
Select in Voyager like filter wheel the simulator, set the filters in Voyager filter list and select the filter in the sequence. Voyager will do a dummy filter select for you.

All the best


Thanks! That will solve my problem.