The Cocoon Nebula

Here’s my latest image of the Cocoon Nebula. I took this over the course of a few nights we had in early July. This is one of my favorite objects to image, it’s my avatar on all my astro sites, here included;). I keep coming back to it hoping to do a better job at processing the dust, and I’m pretty pleased with this result. I think it could still take some more time, and darker skies to really bring it out.

The Cocoon Nebula, IC5146, is both an emission and reflection nebula that lies 4000 ly away in Cygnus. It’s thought that the brightest star in the center of the nebula is only a few thousand years old. Dark nebulae extend from the Cocoon to the right portion of the frame. They are composed of interstellar dust grains forming a dense molecular cloud. Their scattering of light darkens and reddens the background stars from our vantage.

Scope: TMB130SS @ f/5
Reducer: Stellarvue 0.72x reducer/flattener
Camera: QHY16200A
Guide Camera: Starlight Xpress Ultrastar
Mount: AP1100 GTO
RGB: 21x5min each
Software: Voyager, PHD2, APCC, Pixinsight
5.2h total exposure


Really nice Gabe! I love the dark nebula streaming from it.
Thanks for posting!