TheSkyX Hardware

I use TheSkyX to connect to all my hardware (Mount, Camera, Focuser, Rotator). I use native connectivity built into TheSkyX and not ASCOM.

This seems to work fine for the mount and camera, but not the focuser and rotator. It can use the focuser if I use @Focus3, but to use my Rotator, the only option is ASCOM. Since the Focuser/Rotator are a single device (NightCrawler) I can’t connect from two places. Ideally I would like to use the routines in RoboFocus (just seems more reliable), but let TheSkyX control the hardware.


Roy , Voyager do not manage TSX rotator, just ASCOM.

All the best

Roy, I use a combined focuser/rotator (Gemini), but I connect to it from both TheSkyX and Voyager using the ASCOM driver.

In TheSkyX you can setup the focuser/rotator to use the ASCOM driver, not any native driver in TheSkyX. In TheSkyX, go into setup for the focuser (and also the rotator) and choose ASCOM, then in the settings select the particular ASCOM driver you want. In Voyager, you can choose the ASCOM driver in Voyager’s Setup. If there is any problem, you can use an ASCOM hub as a kind of intermediary between TheSkyX and Voyager.


Thanks for the idea. I’ll give it a try and see if it will work.