This is not true .... and 64 bit

I read on external forums people that claim about use of 64 bit application for cameras like QHY600 and ASI6200 …

This is not true at all … depends on how the code is written.
Voyager running fine at 32 bit with this camera and doesn’t need the 64 bit change.
I’ve personally one from QHY (600M) for development of direct driver (that is at 60%) … and i had an ASI6200 that i used for check the ASI driver direct in Voyager.

I remember that the Viewer for FIT and the JPG dispatch for dashboard are a separate applications and running in 64 bit mode so are not affected from FIT weight.

Thank you so much for your attention !

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Hi Leo,

You are correct. I keep on forgetting that Voyager works very well at 32 bits with a camera of very large 62MP sensor.

That was me saying incorrect things at CN forum.

My apologies.


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No apologize Peter, i just want to write about to know how is things really.

All the best

I received my QHY600M yesterday.
I’m testing the camera indoor by taking biases and darks.
There is no problem using that camera with Voyager with the FIT viewer open.
It works flawlessly.
Even with the ASCOM driver, Voyager is very efficient.
It takes 11 seconds to start an exposure for a bias and finish saving the FIT to the disk.


Since Voyager is a 32bit application it’s address space without using any special routines is 2GB and means it should cope (theoretically) with a very large image - I can’t see 32bits being an issue for a long while. Of course if one were to put all functions/bells/whistles including fits viewer in one program then one might require 64bit Gaffer tape at some point.

I agree, Voyager is very efficient - 11s for a cycle comprising 5.5s flat dark + 0.7s download + 3.5s save to disk (ASI2600MC 50MB fits files).


Hi Robert

A 32 bit application on 64 bits Windows can use memory up to 4GB if it’s compile with the large address aware flag.
Voyager is compiled with that flag.


Thanks Donghun.

I was aware of the flag (have made use of it in the past with Database software) but was not aware that Voyager was compiled with it. However much it has I don’t think I would ever be able to afford a camera to use it.


Thanks DongHun … if Voyager have this flag i must thank you …

Voyager FIT Viewer and JPG for Dashboard dispatcher are a 64 bit application from the beginning … in Voyager !

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Thanks Lo. What I mentioned was in the context of an image capture program. I think it’s possible that the 32bit vs. 64bit debate could, unfortunately, end up being a future marketing gambit for some companies.


The old adage comes to mind “A fool and his money is easily parted”. I found Voyager, when all the promises SGP made failed and now that I using it, you couldn’t get me to move away from it with DYNAMITE!

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i’m sure all go to 64 but think about not all vendor of hardware have driver for 64 bit … and is not easy to develop in some case.

For me in Voyager its simple, just check a flag and 64 bit version is ready.
So if we remain in 32 bit is for not force our users to become crazy switching drivers.

For what is possible better to not change until all work, my opinion.

All the best