Thr Rho Ophiuchus Region

Here’s my latest image of the Rho Ophiuchus region near Antares. I’ve wanted to image this one for years, but never had a chance due to it being too low in my sky where I typically image. I picked up the RST-135 mount and can now literally pickup the entire system (mount, OTA, computer, etc.) and plop it anywhere in the yard. Much faster and convenient than ever before.

Scope: Borg 55FL
Camera: ZWO ASI071MC Pro
Guide Camera: ASI290MM mini
Mount: RST-135
OSC: 56x3min
Total exposure: 2.9 hours
Software: Voyager, PHD2, Pixinsight

Astrobin for more details:


Such a beautiful region and great shot Gabe!
Thanks for sharing.