Translate video instruction

Videos look great. It would be helpful to have a translation to English.
Google /youtube has free automatic translation tools.

I think it creates captions in Italian then it can translate them into other languages

May be worth a try now that you getting more and more English speaking users


Max Mirot

Welcome Max … thanks for info. If you can show me how to do or lin to same how to is a great step forward.
There’s a lot of hours of tutorial , pratical and deep.

All the best

You need to publish your videos in YouTube. It has built in tools.

How any user can translate a YouTube video published in another language automatically

The author can set the translation for various languages

How improve automatic closed captions ( Will improve translation if the input in correct )

Hope this works for you.


Thanks for your help … i need to move the videos and pay also Youtube on plus to Vimeo :no_mouth:

No problem. Look forward to seeing them on YouTube.


I did not think you have to pay for YouTube. I know Vimeo will upload to YouTube as part of your Vimeo account

Any progress in this direction. I have many question. This would help me. I am sure I am not alone.


Dear Max, i’m writing code for others request … if you need help or have questions i’m happy to answer you on remote session without problems. Also with license this support is guaranted.

When i have finished some of coding i try with one video to understand if there’s a real translation.

All the best

Max, i tried … most of video tutorial you linked explain how to translate only caption and description of video. For what i’m understand i need to write all the words in video and synchronize. After i can add language and add translation. Is correct ? This mean a huge work … probably i can ask help to italian user to trascrive

Ok i found an automatic transcription in italian to fix … so better

This totally automatic trascription and translation … i need to fix italian trascription
Please check if should have sense

It is a good start. Watching now.

( I am sure it will be better once you have time to edit the the Italian.)

You might want to put a note to click CC then change the translation in settings to the desired language


Ok … now i have a direction for do it … the problem is if what was translate have a significance.

Editing the the automatic translation will likely help. Here is a better tutorial.
I hope this helps. I know you much to do. So I don’t expect this to be a priority.

If you have time experiment, let me know. I will review the output.



Yesterday i modified one minute transcription about test video… just need to have spare time or envolve italian users to help me

I’m not forget … today i do others minutes on the video …

All the best

The current CC and translation looks good. Much better the auto CC :grinning:
I am ready for some more videos.
I some training on Dragscript. It would great see a video on this.

Thank for your efforts