Trunk Nebula and Extrasolar Planets

Hi everyone, it is the first time that I post an image here.
I have been a voyager user since 2015 and it is a software that I love for the great opportunities it gives to every amateur astronomer.
Since January 2020 I have been working with my observatory (Hypatia obs) in astroimaging and astronomical research.
I wanted to show you an image obtained with narrowband filters in the hubble palette and some light curves of extrasolar transits.
All the sessions were obtained with full automation for sunset skyflats and the sessions. I want to thank Leonardo Orazi and his staff for creating this wonder.


Fantastic Fabio! Thanks for sharing your results. Beautiful curves.

Congratulations Fabio, also for the blog … full of wonderful information.
Thanks for using Voyager.

All the best