Two telescopes two cameras

Hi everybody,
We are working to put two telescopes with one mount.
The actual configuration is a Fsq106 with Qsi683 and 10 micron mount, now we want to put another tube “wide field” tube with a Qhy268M with rotator, filter wheel and motor for autofocus.
I have read that Voyager have array system but We are thinking to put another PC with the second license of Voyager.
In this second license only will be integrated in Voyager: camera, filter wheel, autofocus and flat cap.
Then in my opinion it doesn’t mine that Voyager main and the other license will be match probably we will lost two or three images in the wild field tube but it doesn’t matter at all the Qhy268 will have short time images instead the QSI of main tube.
The autofocus of wild field will be wide field mode.
Then I don’t have clear the sequence program, let me explain it.
Imagen that I program the horse nebula with the main telescope (Fsq106), and I would like to shot with the second tube, wide field tube (200mm). I only can rotate the image and I will have to do by hand (shoot and see if I like this view), and the sequence? I don’t want any sequence for the wild field tube, it has to shoot what it is seeing in this moment, not?, how it can be this in Voyager?
I will appreciate your opinions about this.