Unexpected 'Halt Sequence' event

I’m hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction - I appreciate my experience is obviously limited! Been imaging (using ‘another’ well-known software!) for couple of years but new to Voyager.

I downloaded the demo version of Voyager in October, but poor weather in UK means I’ve been unable to use it in earnest until the last few (reasonably clear) nights … In the meantime, I’ve been experimenting with creating basic ‘On The Fly’ sequences, etc. and have pretty much got it figured out I think.

However, in the two imaging runs I’ve done, on both occasions the sequence started off perfectly as expected but then after some time suddenly ‘halted’ mid-flow for no obvious reason I can see - it had just successfully completed around 30 or so exposures over several filter slots, then abruptly stopped, displaying a ‘Halt Sequence’ message in the monitor.

I’m sure it could well be a setting somewhere I’ve got wrong, but any thoughts from you more experienced bods as to where I might start to look to find out what caused this? It’s now happened on two consecutive nights, two instances on each night. After each occurrence I amended to sequence to remove the subs already collected, re-started the (amended) sequence and imaging continued happily … until the second error about the same length of time (number of subs) later.

I’ve had a look in the logs but there seems to be no obvious reference to anything being amiss immediately prior to this halt instruction …

I don’t have any weather or safety monitors in use, so not sure what could otherwise cause this ‘Halt’ error out of the blue.

Any ideas where to start Guys?

Many thanks!


Are you using the demo mode not the 45 day trial? I have not used that for a long time to check but I believe that is limited to sequences of one hour duration.

Hi Blue,

Ah! Yes, I’m still using in Demo mode … didn’t want to start the trial version until weather started to improve so I’d get optimum use of it!

Indeed, I just checked the Wiki about this and you are quite right about the Demo version being limited to one hour - I’d forgotten that feature, it’s been so long since I initially installed it!

Many thanks for that - problem solved then!