Using Roboclip mosaic with Dragscript

I have developed a dragscript (attached) which I’m very happy with. No guiding with unguided dither on short LUM exposures, unguided dither with roboguide start selction guiding on longer exposures. Refocus on every change of filter. I find this works much better than letting TSX choose a guide star and doing guided dithers. Is it possible to integrate a 4x4 roboclip mosaic ? I have tried but I can’t see how… basically I want my script to cycle through each filter on each of the 4x4 mosaics - but I want to retain flexibility on guiding, dither and focus

Thank you

20200808 Ians default narrow Band drag script NFC7000.pdf (23.4 KB)

Hi Ian,

there is a section dedicate for mosaic. Use this , in DragScript there is a block dedicated to this kind of task like for sequence, is called Mosaic-Research & Survey:


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I see you dont use sequence but directly the expose block, if you want to continue in this way (i suggest to use the normal way) I try to wrote how to work:

In this case put a single panel operations in one block container, named it Panel x, copy and paste this container for the 16 panels you need , changing the RA / DEC of each panel reading by roboclip and loop on the 16 container block and save the dragscript. Remember to work in terms of time slot so do a little number of sub for panel to allow in the night to rotate trough it. You will stop when you have enough time for all.

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