Various on Voyager

I started using Voyager a few weeks ago to manage my observatory remotely and i’m find myself very well.
However, i need some clarification and i have a tip for Leo.

As for the guide if i use PHD2 for the meridian flip how can i manage the flip automatically from Voyager? otherwise the guide no longer works for me.

As far as the flat is concerned, i thought it would be appropriate and simpler to insert in the Voyager settings the possibility of inserting fixed coordinates for those who like me has the flat panel without putting them every time when running the flat.



Hi Tony.
PHD2 manage automatically the meridian flip inverting the DEC command only if PHD2 is connected to the mount via ascom Driver. I’ve no issue with the guide after the meridian flip. I guess you are using ST4 cable! With this kind of connection PHD2 is not aware about the mount position and cannot manage the DEC motor inversion after the flip.
Cound you please confirm that you are using the ST4 Connection ?

I suppose you mean telescope pointing? You can specify mount coordinates (Alt/Az) in AutoFlat sequence so that you can point your scope to your flat panel if it’s hanging on the wall. If you have a flat cover you can just select “don’t care” in mount pointing options in AutoFlat sequence.

Yes, i use with st4 port and connession on mount in PHD2.
So should i connect directly to the mount? I use an EQ8-R pro with EQMod.

Thanks for reply

Yes i know, But in my opinion it would be more practical to set a fixed position from the setting without entering the coordinates each time which is very inconvenient. Other software that i have used also has this philosophy because it is much more convenient.

Ah, for flats I save the autoflat sequence and just call it out the next time. I think everything is retained within. Maybe that helps?

if You use Mount: on camera AND set also Aux Mount : Ascom driver it should work!

more reference here :
Using PHD Guiding

otherwise use a directly the ascom connection and remove the ST4 cable.


Yes, i know, mine was a piece of advice if you have to do a fast flat.

Many thanks for info… but having already opened the ascom eqmod driver in voyager does not create problems?

I dont’ know Eqmod, but today a lot of Ascom Drivers for mounts work as a “hub” natively (it means you can connect many applications to the same driver) , so you should have no issues. Test it, otherwise you can use the old ascom POT HUB (google for it).

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