VCurve HFD Parameters Question

Is there a minimum recommended value for Near Focus, Start Focus, and VCurve Limit? With a scope like my Epsilon with the Leo, the inward travel can at times run out of space trying to get the out of focus star around 40 HFD. Lowering these values can help me get a curve completed, but I am curious if there are going to be issues with getting good focus by changing these?

FWIW: I had similar issues with my FSQ and the F3 reducer. The inward travel was very very limited. I had to shorten the V curve first light wizard to avoid going over 20. I use 12 for start focus and 8 for near focus. So far no problems it works perfectly.


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What did you change the v-curve limit to, 20?

@Voyager - Any problem with these adjustments?

I’ve FSQ and Epsilon … you can reduce the “vcurve limit” and “start focus” , a little the “Near focus”.
You must not enter in not linear part of vcurve of your system or you may have problems on final focus.
if you shrink the vcurve parameters probably a good thing is to change the focuser progression from default to a lower resolution to increase reading points in vcurve. In my case I used 9-14-25.

After the first vcurve check the graph if the “Near focus” value is located on the not linear parts of VCurve. If yes increase it.

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Thanks Leo. I’ll give these values a go. :slightly_smiling_face: