Very slow camera cooling?

I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting my camera to cool fast enough (always hits timeouts, often gets “stuck” at low cooling power with high temp.

ASI 2600 MM Pro. I can definitely cool the camera to the target temp, as it works just fine in a minute or two in other software. I’ve tried setting Cooldown time to very small #'s and turned firmware cooling both off and on. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but camera always takes 10-20 minutes to reach target temp and often just stops cooling way above the set point with power at low values (40% range).


I have similar issues with my asi 294mm pro. I never got to the bottom of it and couldn’t reproduce consistently.

What I’ve found to work the most reliably is to not start cooling the camera when voyager starts (this can be set in the camera settings during equipment setup)

Then, at the start of my dragscript I have a cooling routine that has a 5min timeout with 3 retries to get to -20. It might take 5-10min but has worked consistently for several months now.

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