Video Topics - What would help?

I’ll be continuing to do English language videos - I have a long way to go to catch up to Leo’s impressive set of videos in Italian!

I’m interested to hear from the community on two things:

a) What video topics would have helped you the most when you were learning Voyager as a new user?
b) What video topics would help you the most now?

And of course any other feedback about videos is welcome too.


Thanks so much for doing a video series, Rowland.

My suggestions are below. I’ve bolded what I think are the most important topics.

  • Setting up and using autofocus
  • Ditto for plate solving
  • Sequence creation for on-the-fly and DragScript use
  • Intro to the on-the-fly section
  • Intro to DragScript
  • Advanced DragScript
  • Flat fielding with an EL/LED panel
  • Sky flats
  • Intro to the status and command sections

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Thanks Glenn, that’s a good list.

We could probably do half a dozen videos on DragScript!

But I agree it would be good to cover the simple case to show that it’s not at all hard to use to just perform a couple of actions, and then perhaps add more features to the script with subsequent videos to show how you can start simple and build up to an all-night script with weather handling etc.

I appreciate your taking the time to compile the list!


I would include an emphasis on error handling in the Sequencer and DragScript.

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Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your input. I’ve added your idea to the to-do list.


Rowland, I didn’t realize you already covered some of my suggested topics in your quick start video. However, I still think that some of my topics may deserve in-depth treatment in separate videos. What do you think?



Hi Glenn,

Yes, absolutely. The Quick Start is a standalone module to get people familiar with the basics in 30 minutes.

There needs to be a series of more in-depth videos on all the major areas of setup and use.

Right now I’m working on a “Why Voyager?” video that covers the same kind of info as on the website page of that name, as a lot of folks would rather watch a video than read a web page :slight_smile:


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