Voyager and Viking Support [Apr2020]

In order to avoid another series of inappropriate evaluations towards us and how Voyager support is managed, we communicate the following:

  • the main way to request support is the direct one, in that we believe and for that we have created the Voyager license with integrated support
  • remember that license holders can contact us directly via whatsapp, skype, phone, email to dedicated contacts
  • those who are in the trial phase or have an expired support service can contact us via the link on the dedicated website
  • remember that license holders are given direct support with the possibility of organizing with us two initial joint remote setting and first light sessions
  • direct support allows you to solve all your questions as best as possible directly with the developers of the product you have purchased, and sometime with fix of others software settings
  • if you intend to request support in the forum you are free to do so, but as far as we are concerned, the mandatory forms of support provided are those described in the previous points and therefore you may not receive any response here

Thank you for purchasing Voyager or simply for showing interest in it.
Leonardo Orazi