Voyager focus routine - Rigel nSTep?

I tried the quick demo of Voyager. I don’t see a way to configure my Rigel nStep focus motor. Did I miss that? Will it work?

The Voyager focus routine looks great. I want an alternative to @focus3.

Can I have SKYX Pro control the focuser and still use the Voyager focus routine?


PS - I don’t have any equipment hooked up yet. Just looking at the interface.

I find Voyager Robofocus to be very reliable so under Voyager control that is my preference over @focus3, which seems to throw a curve ball every now and then. To use Voyager to focus you need to configure your focusser in Voyager, Ascom, So that Voyager connects directly, not via SkyX. Robofocus then needs training, similarly to FocusMax to get a decent v-curve.

Ps Voyager and SkyX work wonderfully together with Voyager providing the missing automation elements without resorting to scripts and the like.

Chris, I am confused about setting up the Voyager focus. Is Robofire the Voyager routine? I confused that with Robofocus. I don’t have a Robofocus system. I just tried Robofire and a new “Focuser” drop down appeared. Is that what I want?

I also have a Hedrick focuser on my other system. If I have this right, Robofire should work for this as Ascom as well.

Thanks for your help,