Voyager Hangs when new popup window is requested

I am a new user (Trial Version) and I am encountering some problems:

First: my system is an AMD A9-9425 with 4 GiB memory and a 125 GiB SSD drive. I know this laptop is underpowered but it is solely for scope side control.

I am starting Voyager 2.2.13 as Administrator

Second: I have completed a profile that includes:

  • ASI294MC-Pro
  • ASCOM CPWI control of a CGX mount
  • ASCOM CPWI control of a Celestron Focuser
  • Stellarium
  • PH2
  • PlateSolve 2

Everything connects and when I ask to locate an object, "SESAME’ finds the object.

But when I try ‘Test Shot Configuration’ the popup does not gain focus, and the main program hangs.

I need to Alt-Tab through the open programs and close the popup and then close the main program using another Alt-Tab.

A similar issue occurs when I try to let ‘Stellarium’ find the object. A popup is hidden and I need to do an Alt-Tab and close the popup there. Do this allows the focus to return to the main program and I can close the main program.

My version of Windows 10 is Version 1909.