Voyager Maxim DL and FocusMax Feature Request

Not sure if this is the best place for this, One issue with Voyager is that it uses a separate copy (process) of Maxim DL and Focus Max.

Usually my workflow is to open Maxim DL, and FocusMax to setup for the Night but when I go to open up Voyager I have to Shutdown Maxim and FocusMax to have Voyager reopen these.

Also Maxim will be opened without the user preferences, maybe stored in a INI file or possibly registry.

Ideally it would be great if Voyager could connect to an already running copy of Maxim and Focus Max. I don’t know all the requirements behind Windows COM (I assume) or however Voyager connects to Maxim/FocusMax but if possible checking that connection to Maxim/Focus first would be ideal.

Second, if Voyager opens Maxim DL it would be ideal if Voyager would open Maxim with the User preferences file. This changes things like default file names that are used and other various settings for when using Maxim directly outside of Voyager.