Voyager Presentation Materials?

Hi Rowland, Leo,

Earlier this summer I mentioned I was going to give an overview of Voyager to a local astrophotography group. I had asked for links to any materials I might be able to use, and I’m pretty sure you sent me some, but my email seems to have been corrupted and I’ve lost a lot of things, including anything from you gentlemen on this subject. Now that I’ve come back from the star party, I was sitting down to prepare the presentation for next Tuesday and if you have time to re-send what you did or have anything new I would appreciate it! I will borrow from the website and credit you of course



Hello Wayne,

thanks for your time … all the materials i have are pubblished here:

All the best

Hi Wayne,
I shared a link with you of a presentation I gave to my local imaging club this year. Let me know if you didn’t get it and I’ll try again. It was done 8 months ago and I have not updated it so please review carefully, as you know Leo has been busy adding lots of good things since then.

I remember, but I can no longer find it! If you could re-try I’d appreciate it


I shared it to your Yahoo! Email address this morning. Email me off the forum if you didn’t get it.