Voyager visits NGC 6726

NGC 6726
This reflection nebula in Corona Australis is the result of a few bright stars caught up in a large, dusty cloud. The peculiar yellowish curved streak near the two bright reflection nebulae surrounds an unusual object. It is R CrA, a young star still accreting interstellar material on to its surface. Compact nebulae are ejected from proto-stars during the later stages of star formation and sometimes appear in pairs, moving in opposite directions from the hidden star-forming region. The R CrA complex is about 500 light years from Earth, one of the nearest star-forming regions.

IC 4812 - The star in the nebula (IC 4812) shows two distinct diffraction spikes. The brighter reflection nebula also contains a widely spaced pair of double stars.
Image processing by Leo Orazi and Mike Selby
Imaged on our Officina Stellare RiDK 400 remote telescope at El Sauce, Obstech in the Atacama in Chile using Voyager remote software by Leonardo Orazi
Chile Team: Mike Selby , Stefan Schmidt, Leo Orazi, John Kasianowicz, Scott Johnson, Josh Balsam, Rick Stevenson.



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