Voyager Webinar tomorrow

Tomorow, Friday February 18, at 1300 / 1PM Eastern Time, 1800 UTC, I’ll be giving a webinar at the request of the folks. It’s open to anyone and is free. We’ll be using Zoom.

It’s an introduction to Voyager so if you’re an experienced user there is not likely to be anything new.
If you’re new to Voyager or just want to come out and show support, all are welcome!

We have two more webinars coming up after this one on different channels, one in March with Astroworld and one in May on the Astro Imaging Channel. I’ll post details as we get closer.



A friend of mine sent me an email about this (The friend I am trying to bring over to Voyager from a Linux based system)

We are in Australia so the webinar is really in the dead of night for us, will it be recorded and released elsewhere like Youtube afterwards?

They have made some of the webinars available after the fact, I don’t know if they do it for all of them.
I will ask and post here when I hear back.


I assume you meant February 18th

Good catch, thanks Bob!

I just heard back from Christian at iTelescope - the replay will be available to all who register for the webinar. The registration link is in the OP and is at on their Webinars page.


Great, I will let my friend know that he needs to register.


I am happy to hear you will be joining us on The Astro Imaging Channel. I am one of the folks that help with that show and I am a BIG fan of Voyager. If I can help in any way, please let me know.



That’s great to hear Tim! The Astro Imaging Channel does quality work. I even have the shirt :slight_smile: .

The Voyager army keeps growing :). Word of mouth from happy users is the best way to get more people to use our favorite imaging software.

We had a very nice turnout on the iTelescope webinar. It was close to 100 people when I started presenting and I didn’t check after that. I expected it would last an hour and kept checking if we had more time but the moderator said “keep going!” and I did, for 1:40. Feedback seemed very positive in the chat so I would expect some new trial users to show up soon.



Thank you so much Rowland.
Your help are really appreciated.

All the best

Fully agree with you Rowland, word of mouth from happy users is the best marketing tool :slight_smile:

In case of any needs, MORE THAN HAPPY to support.


Ah fiddle sticks I missed this !!

It was your presentation on the Astro imaging channel that made me aware of Voyager and convinced me to purchase it. And I really appreciate the time you spent communicating with me individually answering the questions I had to get Voyager up and running smoothly. As you suspected it was just a few settings that I needed to change. I also went ahead and enabled the plate solving per your recommendation. As it is very fast there is no reason not to, even with a 10Micron Mount. Many thanks again.
All the best,