Wait Until Altitude For Start Added to Sequence

Dragscript currently has a Wait until Altitude for an Object.

I would like a similar capability added into a sequence directly. Being able to wait for Either Altitude or Hour Angle would be even better.

Why I want this:

Currently I have a DragScript that allows me to image several targets over the course of the night.
Sometimes I need a wait between running one target and when the next clears various obstacles such as trees.

I can do this with the wait in DragScript. However, it is a little inconvenient because I have to change both my Sequence and that wait statement to the same target. That is also somewhat error prone.

Perhaps all this will simply be overtaken by events when the advanced version of Voyager comes out. It really depends on how that is implemented.

Hello Madratter,

you can use the Wait Altitude od Do if altitude … from Dragscript.
In Sequence you can choose for exit.

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That is what I am doing. But the point is that it would be nice if the wait for altitude was in the sequence itself instead of in the dragscript. That way I wouldn’t need to enter the object coordinates twice. That isn’t a big deal in and of itself, but it is a source of error if I forget.

This is certainly not a huge deal, but it would be a convenience.

I agree that this would be very convenient. I made a similar request in a recent post, only concerning DragScripts. Building it into the sequence would be awesome.

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Sorry but this kind of task are on dragscript

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Thanks for the consideration. I do realize that not everything is going to match your philosophy for some reason or another, and that you can’t implement every feature request. I’ve been fortunate in that you have implemented a couple of mine.

Thank you!

No Madratter, isn’t phylosophy at all.
You have RoboClip to not input wrong coords, there are some technical reasons to wait out Sequence, will be a different version of Voyager that will do all automatically.

You are welcome.

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