Weather monitoring and safety monitor

This week, i manage to install an AAG Cloudwatcher in the observatory.
The process went smoothly apart from the RS232 interface common annoyance.

In Voyager the process was really straight forward :wink:
I now need to document this installation…

I’ve a small interrogation regarding the interaction between Weather monitoring and the Safety monitor.

Both are able to send emergency signal into the current running dragscript.

The dragscript is more versatile as it permit to manage both condition (pause and exit).
The Safety monitor can only manage one of two (pause/resume or exit)

I guess that the Safety monitor manage the emergency outside of a dragscript.
On the fly, sequence execution or idle.
So i only, configured emergency exit on this panel…

But i don’t find a way to trigger voyager action appart from a running dragscript ?

  • For now i leave the pause/resume management + emergency procedure to the dragscript.
  • And configure also Safety monitor to manage exit.

Just for confirmation, Is it the right way to configure the AAG Cloud Watcher ?