Web Dashboard Profile Selection

I’m wondering if someone can explain how to access a newly created equipment profile from the web dashboard.

I created an equipment profile on my laptop, selected it, and connected my equipment. I then connected to the Web Dashboard from my desktop, and could do remote control operations. Under the “Environment” tab, the dashboard shows the name of the new profile. I can request a “Solve Telescope Position and PA” which does a remote plate solve and correctly determines the PA. However, the frame size in the FOV doesn’t get updated; it still shows the frame from an old profile. Also, under “Select FOV profile from local stored data”, it lists six profiles, but not the new one I created.

I’ve tried disconnected and reconnecting the dashboard, and also rebooting and restarting Voyager on the laptop with the new profile, but still not seeing it.

Could someone explain which profiles are visible in the dashboard, and how to get a new profile to show up?


  • Rajeev